Social Bubbles

All courses and camps will be run as social bubbles, meaning that only those few children taking part in that activity will use the same facilities. Children on the same course/camp will still be expected to observe social distancing (at 2m) as much as is practically possible throughout the week. Children will be closely monitored by staff to make sure they are adhering to the distancing rules and activities in indoor settings (for instance Art), will have desks pre-distanced to aid this.

Early & Late Club

We regret that to maintain segregation of children from different courses and camps, and therefore the integrity of the social bubbles Early and Late Clubs will not be possible this summer.


Courses and camps will register separately. Each course/camp will have a different registration area and as often as possible, these areas will be outdoors. If, due to inclement weather the course/camp cannot register outdoors an adequately sized venue will be used. Please be aware that in this case, whilst more than one course/camp may use a hall to register, they will still be segregated and be in clearly defined zones.

Please ensure when queuing for registration that you do so at 2m intervals from other families. When you reach the registration desks you will be asked to leave your child with Recre8 staff, confirm who will be picking them up and retire to an area away from the desk and other families. You may, leave your child with our staff at this point, or if outside, where you can maintain a 2m social distance, wait until the group departs for its venue. Parents will not be allowed to enter an indoor registration venue unless strict segregation and social distancing can still be enforced.

To accommodate families with children registering in different areas of the School site, registration will run from 9.45am-10am for School-based activities (with parents able to park in the Quad) and from 10am-10.15am for TSC based camps (with parents parking in the Main School Car Park). In the lead up to the Summer holidays we will confirm which area you will need to register in for each activity booked.

Senior Recre8 staff will greet customers in the car parks and direct them to the staff in the correct course/camp registration area. Prominent signage will also be in place and Recre8 flags and banners will be used to highlight registration areas.

Once a coach/leader has their whole group (or at end of the registration period if that comes first), they will escort their students to the course/camp venue and after a safety briefing, commence instruction. If they do not have their whole group, they will mark the register as such and the assistant or a senior Recre8 staff member will wait at the registration venue to accept latecomers.


Refreshment breaks will, by-and-large, be taken by the children the facility in which the activity takes place. Breaks for camps will take place in late morning and early afternoon and will last for 30 minutes each. As the courses are shorter, they will have only one break (please see timetable note below).

Indoor activities will have a designated ‘breakout area’ in close proximity so that each camp may have a short amount of time outside during each break. Where space allows, multiple activities may breakout simultaneously. They will remain segregated and each child within them socially distanced from all others. Games may be played only when distancing can be maintained.

There will be no tuck shop provision for Summer 2021. Through drinking water will be available, parents will be expected to provide their child with an adequate supply of drinks to last the day as well as enough food to eat. In the event that a child forgets or loses their lunch, their parent will be contacted by a senior Recre8 staff member to arrange for a replacement.


Parents should collect their child from the same venue as registration. Where this has altered due to a change in weather, signage will be prominently displayed and senior Recre8 staff will inform parents as they arrive. Social distancing will again be enforced. Please make sure that if the name of the person collecting differs from that given at registration you have contacted us earlier in the day to make us aware.

Please note: Courses are shorter than camps and so collection for these activities will be from 1pm-1.15pm for those held at the School and 1.15pm-1.30pm for those based at TSC. All other times above prior to these times are relevant for both camps and courses. 

If you realise that you will be late in arriving for your child’s pick-up time, please let us know as soon as possible


All courses/camps will be run in facilities suitable for the activity. We have ensured that areas are easily large enough for the maximum number of children allowed and that their layout is both safe and will create an excellent learning environment. Every venue will have a sanitising station and near-by toilet facilities.

Equipment & Furniture

Children will have their own equipment for the duration of the camp and should not share. If your child has their own equipment to bring (for example, a tennis racket), then we would strongly advise that they do so. At the end of each day all equipment will be sanitised ready for the next day’s use. Furniture will be sanitised periodically as needed and at the beginning and end of all sessions. All facilities will be cleaned every afternoon once activities have finished for the day.

First Aid

Updated first aid procedures have been written. In very minor cases children deemed old/mature/competent enough to do so will be encouraged to self-treat e.g. clean and put a plaster on a graze whilst the member of staff supervises from a distance (ideally 2m). Cases of a more severe injury, or when the child is not deemed competent, staff will adhere to updated procedures, including the use of specified PPE in every instance.


If your child develops symptoms consistent with or similar to those caused by Coronavirus, we ask that under no circumstances do you send them to their course/camp. We advise that you follow government guidelines, arrange for a test and until the result is known, keep your child isolated from others.

If your child begins to display symptoms during their time with us, we will follow government guidelines in immediately placing them in isolation away from other children and staff. We will call you straight away to arrange for them to be collected.

Behaviour Policy

More so than ever, good behaviour is vital whilst on site. We want all children to enjoy their time with us as much as possible and so unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. We expect all children to treat each other with kindness and consideration.

Social distancing has an extremely important role to play in restricting the spread of Coronavirus and it will be firmly enforced. Whilst we understand that children may accidentally encroach on others’ space, any child wilfully not adhering to social distancing rules will be subject to disciplinary action. In the first instance, they will be warned, and in the second, they will sit out for a short period. In the case of repeat offenders, we may be forced to ask you to come to collect your them early and they may not be allowed back to their course/camp.

Wet Weather Provision

Where possible, we will provide suitable wet weather facilities for each course/camp. Where national governing body guidelines do not yet allow indoor coaching for that sport, another activity which can be performed in a socially distanced manner will be provided. Coaches may also use the time for a theory or video analysis session.

Full Refund Guarantee

If we are unable to run a course we will always offer a full refund for paid bookings or a credit for a future course if you would prefer. Due to the ever-changing nature of the guidance and regulations related to the current Coronavirus pandemic we are happy to extend this guarantee to cover your bookings if your child or family are affected by Covid-19 and are therefore unable to join us on our camps or courses. 

If you are affected and need to take up this guarantee, please contact us as soon as possible at